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e knee of a feminine figure, which represents Mexico. OLD SPANISH PALACE IN THE CALLE DE JESUS. Doctor Bronson and the youths paid a visit one morning to the church where the remains of Cortez the Conqueror rested at one time, and by many are supposed to be resting to-day. It was the desire of Cortez, in case of his death in Europe, to have his bones transported to the New World. They were brought to Mexico in 1629, and rested quietly in this church fo

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r nearly 200 years, when they were secretly removed, through fear that the tomb would be violated by the [Pg 155] Revolutionists, who had a bitter hatred of everything Spanish. They were first placed in another part of the church, and then sent to Italy, where they now are. From present indications, the Mexicans are not likely to ask for their return. CHURCH BUILT BY CORTEZ. When we left the cathedral we gave a glance at the Aztec calendar-stone, wh